Danger can be around any corner in the workplace and we often take our safety for granted.

The new  Work Health and Safety Act 2012 will be introduced in Victoria in 2013, and is still very closely aligned to the current Act already practised in Victoria. One of the new features however,  is that penalties will be set out for not complying with the regulations. This opens up a whole new world of legal ramifications for workers if they fail to adhere to the new rules.

While your employer is required to protect you from risks in the workplace, you also have a general duty to take reasonable care for your own health and safety, others who may be affected by your work, and to cooperate with OHS efforts to make the workplace safe.

This may include:

  • Following workplace policies and procedures
  • Attending health and safety training
  • Helping to identify hazards and risks

There are many common solutions for controlling hazards and risks in the workplace, which can be readily implemented, but it is not enough to simply eliminate the obvious risks – we are responsible for controlling all potential safety hazards.

Where solutions are not obvious, you should use your OHS processes to help determine the most effective control measures.

Consultation is the first step in developing risk controls. Sharing safety issues between staff and management is a legal requirement and it is also smart management. We can make a significant contribution to improving workplace health and safety by regular, proactive consultation to identify issues in the workplace and build a strong commitment to health and safety.

Your safety is my business.