Some eSolution Initiatives

Work from Home – The employee works outside the central workplace – usually at home or at a satellite location, for all or part of a working week. An occupational health and safety assessment must be done to check the remote workstation meets the required standard and is free of risk.

Part Time – The employee works fewer than full-time hours. Hours can be fixed or can change from week to week. It is important that full-time duties are not compressed into part-time.

Time off in Lieu – The employee may accumulate extra hours to be taken at a later time convenient to the employer and employee. The employee is given the equivalent time off on an hour for hour basis for the additional hours.

Flexible Hours – The employee varies their start and finish times (to meet personal or family commitments for example) provided they work the required hours. Flexible hours are adapted to suit business and employee needs.

Career/Study Leave – The employer and employee agree on an extended period of leave to enable the employee to up-skill, study or contribute to the community through volunteering.